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We have been generously provided with the ability to get work and play accomplished anywhere at anytime with portable computers, such as laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablet PCs. One of the many downfalls of our mobility is that our laptops are vulnerable to more human error than a standard desktop PC would be. Due to the complexity of its design, your laptop-like products can not be fixed by just anyone when you drop, kick, spill coffee on, overheat or plainly abuse it to the point where it yells for help. Fortunately, we specialize in the repair of screens, keyboards, fans, ram modules, WiFi network cards, data salvation and restoration of your laptop (if feasible). We also provide purchase consulting at an expert level, and data migration to a new Notebook or Netbook for systems broken to the point where it would just make more sense to buy a new one.
And for those of you who hate throwing out the old technology, we revitalize slow and old laptops into web surfing systems.

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